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Posted on 03/04/2017 by admin with 0 Comment(s) Filed under: 3 Generations, Movie News, Release Date

Elle Fanning’s transgender drama “3 Generations” has been set by The Weinstein Company for a May 5 release in New York and Los Angeles — 20 months after it was pulled from release.

“3 Generations” is also opening the Bentonville Film Festival on May 2 as part of its goal of showcasing films that champion women and diverse voices in media. It will expand nationwide shortly after the initial release.

The film was pulled by Harvey Weinstein from release without explanation on Sept. 15, 2015 — just three days before its scheduled release with the title “About Ray.”

The film had premiered three days earlier at the Toronto Film Festival, evoking a standing ovation and positive reviews with Variety‘s Andrew Barker calling it “a crowdpleaser.” The film was picked up the Cannes Film Festival four months earlier after buyers were shown a promo reel of the project, directed by Gaby Dellal, for a reported $6 million with a minimum 500-screen commitment.

Fanning plays a New York teenager seeking to transition from female to male. Naomi Watts portrays her mother, and Susan Sarandon is her lesbian grandmother. Producers are Big Beach’s Marc Turtletaub and Peter Saraf along with Dorothy Berwin. Big Beach also financed the film, which was originally titled “Three Generations.”

Dellal added footage to the film in the interim to bring more focus to all three women characters.

“I am thrilled to release our film ‘3 Generations,’ with the original title, into the world,” she said. “Harvey’s enthusiasm and support has allowed us to release this poignant film at a time when we all need to believe in our collective strength. Throughout making this film I have met loving families, fearless transgender youth and women who have fought for gender equality for decades. This film, both heart-warming and heart wrenching, is for them.”

Watts, who is also an executive producer, said, “This story loudly and bravely advocates for acceptance, both of others and of oneself. It’s a message we all believe in and are all incredibly proud to share this story with audiences, now more than ever.”

Geena Davis, who co-founded the Bentonville festival, said, “This festival was founded for the purpose of bringing films like ‘3 Generations’ to our audience. We are so thrilled that this year, of all years, we have the opportunity to highlight such a female driven film and such an important story as our Opening Night.”


Posted on 12/30/2016 by admin with 0 Comment(s) Filed under: Movie News, News

There’s no shortage of kid-friendly movies that promote the importance of following your dreams and achieving your true potential. (I suspect in part because any Hollywood screenwriter who has sold a feature-length script has necessarily realized their dreams — easy for them to say.) Youngsters will get yet another lesson on the absolute vitality of dream-chasing this spring, when the new animated feature Leap! leaps into theaters on March 3. Dreams shall be followed, and what’s more, a little cartoon Dane DeHaan will speak explicitly about following those same dreams, just to be sure that no child leaves the theater unclear. To quote Jon Heder’s answering machine message in the figure-skating comedy vehicle Blades of Glory: if you can dream it, you can do it!

Leap! follows two small-town orphans with ambitions greater than their modest French home. It’s 1884 and the world is calling to them, so they both ship off to Paris with plans to pursue their respective callings: Félicie (voiced by Elle Fanning) was born to be a dancer, and enters a rigorous ballet program under a draconian instructor who might just be softer than he seems. Her best friend — or could they be something more? — Victor (Dane DeHaan) has a knack for inventing, and wants to share his jerry-rigged flying contraption with the world as the way of the future. The plucky pair will overcome various obstacles, achieve their goals, and everyone will most likely go home happy.

It looks like a relatively simple tale, though the most curious thing may be the point of origin; it seems like there are fewer and fewer movies that don’t come from one of the major production houses (Pixar, Disney Animation, Illumination, Laika, Dreamworks, what have you). As an independent effort, it’s already notable.


Posted on 11/03/2016 by admin with 0 Comment(s) Filed under: Movie News

Melanie Laurent will direct the crime thriller.
Elle Fanning and Ben Foster will star in Galveston, adapted from the 2010 novel by True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto.

Melanie Laurent will direct the moody crime thriller from Pizzolatto’s screenplay.

Galveston follows two hard-luck outsiders on the run. Barely surviving an assassination attempt from his loan-sharking boss, debt-collector Roy “Big Country” Cady (Foster) flees to the Texas town to lie low, but in rescuing Raquel “Rocky” Arceneaux (Fanning), a vulnerable young prostitute, from the shoot-out, any hope of a safe haven vanishes. Rocky is a girl with secrets to hide, including one that will forever haunt Roy in a powerful story of sacrifice and redemption.

Low Spark Films’ Tyler Davidson will serve as producer. Jean Doumanian, Patrick Daly, Kevin Flanigan and Sean O’Brien will executive produce. Production will begin in January.

Embankment is handling international rights at the AFM.
Fanning, seen next in Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women, adds the project to a packed slate of upcoming films: Ben Affleck’s crime drama Live by Night, Shawn Christensen’s drama Sidney Hall, John Cameron Mitchell’s musical How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Haifaa Al-Mansour’s Mary Shelley biopic A Storm in the Stars, Sofia Coppola’s Western The Beguiled, Miguel Arteta’s romantic drama All the Bright Places, and Reed Morano’s drama I Think We’re Alone Now. She is repped by WME and Echo Lake Entertainment.

Foster, recently featured in Hell or High Water and Inferno, will be seen next in Scott Cooper’s drama Hostiles. He is repped by UTA.

Laurent is repped by WME and UBBA.


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Elle Fanning only turned 18 in April, which is hard to believe given her long list of accolades and accomplishments.

But despite rumblings the actress would follow in older sister Dakota’s footsteps and enroll in a university, she tells ET that’s not the case – yet.

“For this year, I’m not going at the moment because I’m starting a film and I don’t think it would be fair… I wouldn’t really be there,” she explains. “If I went, I would want to kind of have the college experience.”

Fanning certainly has a lot on her plate. We counted eight movies in production on her IMDB page, including Live by Night, also starring Ben Affleck, who wrote and directed the Prohibition-era film.

Fanning confirms they’ve wrapped shooting and says she was in awe by Affleck’s talent on set.

“It’s insane because he wrote it and directed it and he’s starring in the movie…so you’re acting with the director. It’s crazy!” she shares. “I would love to direct one day, so for me, seeing that, I mean, he’s thinking like a mile-a-minute about everything. It’s pretty insane. So that was really, really cool to see.”

Fanning also says she has a newfound desire to join the comic world, seeing how Affleck is the newest big-screen Batman.

“Of course!” she exclaims. “Yeah, that sounds so cool. I mean, there’s so many good ones — Batgirl, Cat Woman… I would love it!”

But the newest role Fanning’s garnering buzz for is About Ray. The film reportedly received a standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival last year and was acquired by The Weinstein Company, though a release date hasn’t been set yet. Fanning plays a transgender boy – a role she tells ET was one of the most “amazing” she’s ever done.

“I would say [it was] the most challenging,” she says. “I played a transgender boy and I got to meet with so many amazing young guys and just talking to them and hearing their stories… it was powerful. I’ll never fully feel the way they feel but I think to have a movie that’s about a transgender teen isn’t done often but it needs to be out there so maybe someone in another state that’s going through what Ray is going through, maybe they’ll relate to them and know that they’re being heard at least.”


Posted on 07/28/2016 by admin with 0 Comment(s) Filed under: Movie News, News

20th Century Women takes place in the bohemian household of a single mother in the Californian locale of Santa Barbara in 1979.

Annette Bening plays the mother and newcomer Lucas Jade Zumann her teenage son. Sharing the home are an itinerant carpenter (Billy Crudup), a punk artist (Greta Gerwig) and the son’s rebellious friend (Elle Fanning).

“I was taken aback by 20th Century Women,” said NYFF director and selection committee chair Kent Jones. “It’s made with an extraordinarily unusual level of craft and attention to detail, human and visual, which is now all but extinct.

“As someone who actually lived through 1979 in middle-class America, I will testify to the fact that Mike Mills and his remarkable cast approach the level of the uncanny. I felt like I was back there, with all the shared behaviors and worries, the divisions, the look and feel and smell of the world as it was.”

A24 will distribute in the US in December and Annapurna Pictures’ Megan Ellison produced with Anne Carey of Archer Gray, and Youree Henley.

As previously announced, Ava DuVernay’s documentary The 13th will become the first non-fiction film to open the festival.

The NYFF runs from September 30–October 16.


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Young, sweet and with a face so innocent it could rival that of a newborn baby, 18-year-old Elle Fanning is an unlikely choice for Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s new film, Neon Demon. For the uninitiated, Winding Refn is the man behind Drive – the movie in which Ryan Gosling was a man of even fewer words than normal – and as far as filmmakers go, he has a taste for violence that could rival Tarantino’s. In this area, Neon Demon excels itself; the gore is frankly horrifying. Necrophilia and cannibalism both feature. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Why then, I wondered, did Fanning want to take on the role?

When I meet Fanning in London’s Soho, she sits cross-legged and dressed in floral pinks, makeup artists fussing around her. Fanning, unfazed, is articulate, smiley and polite, a ray of light to be around. “I knew Neon Demon would be violent and that my character does go to a very dark place,” she says, with a nervous laugh. “I guess I am a little squeamish but it was fine. I think the blood in this film is very glamorous and beautiful. It’s stylised in a pretty way… it’s not icky.”

Neon Demon is a film about the modelling industry – a world Fanning is familiar with after starring in campaigns for Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. In it, Fanning plays a hopeful young model, 16-year-old Jesse, who has moved to L.A. to hit the big time. If you think this sounds like a familiar plot line, hold out for what happens next: she befriends a group of vapid models who turn out to be evil, flesh-eating monsters. A pretty transparent allegory for the real fashion industry, then. Fanning takes the lead role, with model Abbey Lee Kershaw, Christina Hendricks and Jena Malone playing the women who want to take her down.

Fanning says she first caught Winding Refn’s films when she was in South Africa for work – “There were only two channels on the TV and one was all in Afrikaans and the other one played movies; they only played Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or Drive, which I loved.” When she got back home to California, she “heard he [Refn] was making a movie set in the fashion world, with models and girls as the lead” and thought it sounded so different to his usual “ultra-masculine” style that she couldn’t contain her interest. “I went to his house and there were princess clothes everywhere because he has daughters, and I realised: ‘This is why he wants to make this movie’”.

No stranger to role playing, Fanning tells me that, from a young age, she would spend her days “dressing up around the house and putting on characters”. This is, she thinks, how she always knew that acting was what she wanted to do. Her parents were both sportspeople – dad minor league baseball, mum tennis professional – so by her own admission, acting was something that was “foreign” to her. Luckily, though, she had older sister Dakota Fanning’s footsteps to follow in; “When my sister started acting I knew I wanted to try it too,” she tells me.

Elle Fanning played the role of the younger version of her sister in Steven Spielberg’s extra-terrestrial TV series Taken when she was just four years old, before going on to catch what was arguably her big break in the film Super 8 in 2011, when she was 13. The film, directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, is a sci-fi thriller set in 1979, and was a commercial success. Since then, Fanning has played a broad range of roles – from Ginger in British auteur Sally Potter’s indie flick Ginger & Rosa, through to a part in blockbuster Maleficent alongside Angelina Jolie.

When asked whether she’s keen to continue doing indie films, or take the more mainstream, Hollywood route, Fanning is on the fence. “I think it’s about a balance of both,” she says, citing Nicole Kidman as a role model she looks up to in that respect (and “as a fellow tall girl!”). She continues: “When films come to you, you’re drawn to the character or the story of it rather than thinking ‘this film is this or that’. I just like playing different roles, and I like experiences – so I want to experience everything. I enjoyed doing Maleficent as much as I enjoyed doing Neon Demon.”

For someone who’s been thrown into the worlds of acting and modelling from such a young age, Fanning maintains that she is a “very private person”. She only recently got a public Instagram account, she explains; “I had a private Instagram for a while with just my friends and now public it’s like ‘woah!’ It was the first thing I’ve done that is out there to the world.” She says she enjoys it though, “You don’t have to share things that you don’t want to!”

When asked why she likes to keep out of the public eye, Fanning says she thinks it might be down to her parents. They home schooled her until she was nine, back in Conyers, Georgia, where she grew up. After that, however, she wanted to go to a “regular high school”, and her parents conceded. Maybe this is what has kept her so grounded. Only sometimes do her two worlds – the private and the public – collide. This year, for example, shortly after turning 18, Fanning found that her senior prom fell on the same day as the Neon Demon premiere. What did she do? “I went to Cannes,” she says, laughing. “But my prom date came out to meet me and we had prom night there!”

Prom or premiere, indie or mainstream – it seems Elle Fanning has the ingenuity to do it all.

Neon Demon is out in cinemas Friday 8th of July.


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Chris Evans, Kit Harington, Elle Fanning and Cindy Crawford were just some of the stars who helped W Magazine celebrate what would have been Prince’s 58th birthday on Tuesday with a series of videos in which they sang and gave dramatic readings from some of his greatest hits.

Evans gave a heroic effort trying to sing “Diamonds and Pearls,” while Fanning was more convincing in taking on a cover of “Kiss” and Game of Thrones star Harington joined Cindy Crawford and X Men: Apocalypse’s Cyclops Tye Sheridan in bringing gravitas to “Little Red Corvette.”

Among the other stars lining up for the tribute to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who died on April 21 of a opioid overdose at his Paisley Park complex were Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ethan Hawke, Rami Malek, Nate Parker, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Melissa Benoist in clips directed by Lynn Hirschberg.


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Actress Elle Fanning found joining a regular school more “lonesome” than being educated at home.

The 18-year-old star is one of the most in-demand performers of her generation, with five films out in 2016 alone and another four confirmed for next year (17).

One of these is The Neon Demon, in which she plays a breakthrough model who struggles to fit into the world of fashion after moving to Los Angeles. Many of the emotions her alter ego Jess goes through Elle was able to relate to, having lived through a similar experience herself.

“Honestly, everyone has those moments,” she told Little White Lies magazine when quizzed on if she’s ever felt frightened in life. “You’re with yourself and you just wonder, ‘Do I really have anybody?’ I was home schooled by my grandma. When I was nine I moved to regular school. When that happened, I technically wasn’t alone any more – I was surrounded by people my own age.

“But getting accustomed to that is a very lonesome experience. It was the middle of the school year, too, so I was this new student and I also did movies, so I was an outsider in that sense.”

Elle, whose older sister is actress Dakota Fanning, realised she had to put herself out there in order to find her way and thanks to her outgoing nature, quickly settled in. Getting noticed was the most important thing for the actress and she thinks things could have gone a lot differently had she not been.

“If I would’ve just stayed in the shadows and been the girl in the corner, things wouldn’t have changed for me,” she said, recalling how the second day at school was Halloween, requiring her to dress up and walk in a parade. “So I had to ask these two girls if I could walk with them and be the third person in their clique. And they said yes. At least I asked, though. If I hadn’t asked, who knows what would’ve happened?”


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